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Sacred Sound Meditation

  • Hotel Lincoln 1816 North Clark Street Chicago, IL, 60614 United States (map)

The Sacred Sound Meditation will introduce participants to tones, frequencies, and live sound healing designed to clear the energetic and physical body while bringing harmony to the system. The meditation will include some guided visualization and a blend of world instruments chosen for their effect on the mind, body, and spirit. These instruments include: Brass and Crystal Singing Bowls, Shakers, Chimes, Didgeridoo, and more.

Neale Baldyga and Janie Crick, will lead the group through this meditative journey. As above, so below. As within, so without. Using an integrative approach of traditional instruments, aromatherapy, bodywork adjustments, and chakra/aura cleansing, the duo truly provides the sensory experience allowing for participants to heal in whichever way honors their journey. 

There will be some mats for your comfort. Please bring any other items (blankets, pillows, etc,) you believe will help your experience. There will be time after the meditation for sharing and questions.

What you'll gain from this experience:

Energy Balance
Body Harmony
Stress Relief
Heightened Productivity
Heightened Awareness