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SONIDOS is A creative production agency & collective that creates stimulating experiences & content to EVOLVE & transcend ONE’S SENSES & ESSENCE.

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we create inspiring, multi-sensory, stimulating, and soul fulfilling environments influenced by sonic vibrationS

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we connect the self, your brand and audience by exposing your genuine intention and creative liberation

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we influence the mind, body, and soul with thought provoking, innovative, creative, and conscious content and services evoked by the soul-touching, healing sound of music, creative expression, and self-realization


 /so-ni-dos/: meaning “sounds” in Spanish, is not purely heard; it is an immersive, deepLY-rooted feeling. Whether it be ethereal, beat-infused hip-hop or transcending frequencies; sound is a way to escape, express, inspire, & heal your mind, body, & soul with transmitted vibrations.



we are DRIVEN BY A PASSION FOR MUSIC DISCOVERY, intention, conscious living, & CREATIVE EXPRESSION THAT GOES BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF WHAT IS TYPICALLY EXPERIENCED. WE STRIVE TO evolve one another’S CONSCIOUSNESS with the soul-touching ability of sound, art, and self-realization in order to REACH OUR rooted, most genuine SELF.




With a background in digital marketing, operations, and IT within the ad agency realm, Andrea found it critical on her life path to instill stimulating experiences and connectivity with the self and other’s, while evoking thought and inspiration utilizing natural elements, sound and light.

Recognizing this obsessive drive by her passion for music, creativity, technology, and a peaceful state of being, Andrea chose to pursue her path towards design, fabrication, production, and promotion in order to expose the creative liberation of other creators, to inspire, and to heal; all while utilizing the ancestral knowledge of the inducing altered states of consciousness of the varying frequencies of sound and light.

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