Even if you feel all alone
Even when you feel that you won't go home
There's always someone even when you step in the dark
Let them make choices about anything
That won't change where you came from
That won't change your beginning
Let them feel all they want
That don't change who you are
You should know, think about it
Cuz what I'm talking of
Is the difference between the self and the conscious 

STYLE | #downtempo, #futurebass, #dubstep, #glitchhop, #halftime
INSPIRATION | acknowledging the depth of the shadows
GEM | Black Kyanite — a grounding crystal, which both opens and aligns all the chakras. Black Kyanite balances yin yang energies and can also help to open the lines of communication between people, and keeping a piece with you can help out in situations of conflict or misunderstanding.
ARTWORK | still from a Beeple animation; digitally manipulated by Andrea Garces aka SONIDOS

A/T/O/S, Goopsteppa, Ill Chill, The Cosmic Foxx, Clozee, Re|eece, Minnesota, CharlestheFirst, Luminate, JD. REID, Mr. Carmack, Emalkay, Truth, Taso, CASPA, Kryptic Minds, Kaiju, Truth, Sepia, SP:MC, J:Kenzo, Requake, Krimma, Bogtrotter, Tipper, Bossman, Ghetts, D Double E, Juiceman, and Andreilien