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#NEWSONICRELEASE | Subtle Thing by Marian Hill


#NEWSONICRELEASE is just that, new sonic goodness comin' at you in wave form just to pierce your soul

#NEWSONICRELEASE | Subtle Thing by Marian Hill

Andrea Garces

It’s 2am and I am tryin to sleep
You told me later you were thinkin of me
I don’t wanna talk about it
I don’t wanna live without it
You told me later you were thinkin 

It’s a subtle thing
When you look at me
It’s a subtle thing
Such a subtle thing 

I always see you when I’m out on the street
I wanna talk and you appear on my screen
Dreaming like a broken record
Looping on your note forever
You told me later you were thinkin

We always play in tune
I love the way we move
I'll never play with you
We always play in tune

Heard your favorite record on the day before we met
Every time I hear it now I kinda start to sweat
Wanna call you over when I feel you getting closer
Are you missin me?

DIRECTOR | Sam Cannon
PRODUCER | Lucy King

MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE DATE | February 22, 2018
TRACK RELEASE DATE | February 9, 2018