#NEWSONICRELEASE | Feeling You album by David Marston


Jamaican Dj and producer, David Marston, debuts his new album, Feeling You, which bleeds genres and phases as it prepares us with warm weather desires and unapologetic conduct with a transitory quality. It projects feelings of a sunny afternoon along the water, cruisin with the breeze’s waves ridin aligned with yours, to live sunset vibrations with equally unapologetic hip movement that persists all through the night; from the floor to close quarters.

The authentic lyrical expression, subtle piano and percussion paired with the sensuality and confidence of the bass has, but only one intention: to prevail in penetrating your body and evening with emancipated movement, thoughts, and relations.

RELEASE DATE | March 29, 2019

ALBUM | Feeling You

PRODUCER | David Marston

RECORD LABEL | Kindness of Bearer