#HIDDENGEM | Kink by Trentemøller


Copenhagen based Anders Trentemøller is not your average techno producer, if you can even call him that. After having merited recognition as one of the most respected names in electronic music following the release of his 2006 debut album ‘Last Resort’ (an album whose vibe was once jokingly, yet accurately described as “organic forest techno”), Anders Trentemøller has since then shifted reins towards a post-punk/indie style, albeit fueled by an undeniably electronic base. But that is not our focus here. It is his older techno productions that have left the real everlasting impression, sending us down into the industrial soundscape pipeline, a place where a combination of countless strategically scattered glitch kinks, distinct bass morphs, and many other sporadically dispersed elements and texturized tones intertwine in the most sinfully gratifying way imaginable. There is a reason this Denmark Don has earned himself a slot as one of the most respected producers in the game.



LABEL | 3rd Floor Records