MUSIC | ENVISION FESTIVAL | Feb. 28 - Mar. 4, 2019


/SO-NI-DOS/: meaning “sounds” in Spanish, is not purely heard; it is an immersive, deep-rooted feeling. Whether it be ethereal, beat-infused hip-hop or transcending frequencies; sound is a way to escape, express, inspire, & heal your mind, body, and soul with transmitted vibrations.

As we continue on this journey of life and evolution, we have been beautifully given the innate ability to create our reality and progress. To acknowledge the moments and opportunities as inspiration to experience the stages within our life path in order to stride with love and light. We are the creators of our reality and as we continue to create our perceptions and experiences we have the ability to awaken the self to a higher consciousness in alignment with the natural harmony  that is the environment we reside in.

In order to reach these states of higher consciousness, we must acknowledge, admire, and work in tandem with the energy that is of this natural realm. Music  has been a timeless source of inspiration, healing, and transcendence since ancestral discovery of its powerful energy and impact. As fellow creators, having the ability to thoughtfully curate an experience to awaken, heighten, inspire, motivate, and connect is an admirable idea and execution to take on within your life path.

Like SONIDOS, Envision Festival has done and will continue to do just this. They strive for a “Purpose [that] unifies [their] hearts and minds, giving [them] a collective vision bigger than [them]selves to work towards and build together.” I, the founder of SONIDOS, was given the opportunity to not only instill this mentality, but have assisted in literally building the festival. From site operations, to carpentry, to designing and fabricating a light cloud installation (check out the “SONIC CLOUDBURST” in Solo Bueno behind the Sol Stage), to delta stacking the leading festival industry Funktion1s at the Luna Stage; I have seen the absolute evolution of the festival from the ground up.

We have worked tirelessly, lovingly, emotionally, and proactively; full with relentless passion and genuine intention to create a memorable experience that’ll further connect you with your inner most genuine self, the natural wonder that is our land, and with other essences. As fellow Envisioner, Lisa from Germany, says “there is no barrier when you’re connected with everything that is”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Check out the the Envision website and Instagram (@envisionfestival) and the SONIDOS Instagram (@sonidos_) for ways to see how we experience and connect with music, the movement of one’s physical body, creative librations such as live painters, visual designers, stage designers with beautiful creations made of organic materials, and more.

Can’t make it to the festival? Take a listen to this playlist with the artists we here, at SONIDOS, will be flowin’ and connecting to at the festival, including:

Nicola Cruz, Pushloop, M.Rux. Martha Van Straaten, Kll Smth, An-ten-nae, Electric Mantis, Clozee, Esseks, Viken Arman, Lapa, Bedouin, and Dj Drez.