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Urban Escape Healing & Shaman Jay Host | Sound Healing Certification and Solar Spectrum Vibrational Therapy

  • Shiva Shack 1942 North Leavitt Street Chicago, IL, 60647 United States (map)

Start: 2PM |  Tickets: $135  |   All Ages

About the event

Sound Healing and Vibrational Therapy is one of the fastest growing therapeutic holistic treatment in the world. Hosted by Dameon Keller and Simon Jay, this full day intensive certification will teach fundamentals of vibrational frequencies, Solar Spectrum Sound Therapy, and application and how to use a variety of instruments as tools for sound healing.

The use of intended frequency range from: altering state of consciousness, increase productivity, assist and speed healing rate, align energetic centers in the body, neutralize the brain, stimulate healing in the body, create a much needed sense of relaxation and assist in releasing past trauma. Sound Frequency and vibrations are now also being used to pinpoint and obliterate cancer, break up and remove toxins in the body, anti-gravity suspension, and advance nerve and cellular regeneration.

:: The Certification Course will include ::

- A lesson with an EEG systems and observe the effects of brainwave entrainment - the power of matter over mind and mind over matter. 

- A lesson in low-frequency Vibro-Acoustic Therapy System, and will teach you all aspects of proper tuning fork therapy. 

- A Comprehensive course in Cymatics and cymatic software, as well as a physical system with a theramin as a tone generator. We will also include a frequency reader to observe the effects of vibration on matter. 

- A crash course in how include and use the following instruments in your healing session: Drums, Rattles, Singing Bowl, Didgiridoo, Tingshas, Flute, Ocean Drum and Gong. So Bring your Instruments!

- You will learn how to buy and make your own instruments for sound therapy, and much more.

:: What You Get ::

- You get a USB drive of pdfs, videos, and programs, including the complete online class videos, a variety of music CDs for meditation, sound healing, and enjoyment, Dameon Keller’s books (author of “Sounds Good”), as well as charts for utilizing Scientific Pitch, the Law of Octaves, the Solar Spectrum, and the Law of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. 

- Also included are software programs for creating brainwave entrainment tracks, sub-harmonic frequencies, and creating your own sound therapy tracks. 

:: What You'll Need (Optional) ::

- You are encouraged to bring any of your sound healing instruments and tools.

- You are welcome to bring your own notebook and journal to take notes, It will be a long day, so you are welcome to also bring snacks.