Good music is not purely heard; it is an immersive, deep-rooted feeling. Whether it be the funky, beats-infused hip-hop tunes or a deep throbbing bass, music is a way to escape, express, inspire, and to fully intoxicate your mind, body, and soul with mindful sonic vibrations.

SONIDOS is a collective that mindfully inspires & exposes one's musical expression & progressive creative liberation.


The Bardo: a Tibetan Buddhist state of existence between death and rebirth.

Six Stages:

The Bardo of Waking Life
The Bardo of Dreaming
The Bardo of Meditating

The Bardo of Dying
The Bardo of Experiencing Reality
The Bardo of Rebirth


THE SPACE INBETWEEN is an enlightening experience for all to acknowledge one’s life, purpose, and how our essence may be its most heighten self within the space and time of our existence.


THE SPACE INBETWEEN design plan.png

OVERALL SPACE: Placed in the center of the gallery will be six panels made of colored and mirrored plexiglass with internal uplights inbetween the sheets that will represent and describe each of the six Bardo stages. Explanations will be written in vinyl lettering or signs on the outer colored sheets, while the inner mirrored sheets will be an intentional self reflection for individuals once they enter the inside of the space, which will form a hexagon. 

Hexagon Symbolism: Look at nature and you find the hexagon is one of the principal governing patterns that is dominant in the natural world; it is at the core of mankind as well as found in the structure of DNA and represents the positive/negative and masculine/feminine energies. The hexagon is incorporated in order to symbolize the union and balance of life and death within the stages of Bardo. 

CENTERPIECE: A tree will be located in the center of the hexagon. Patrons will hang handwritten notes responding to a question/thought prompted on one of the six panels. This tree will be illuminated from the top by a white, enclosed pyramid with light piercing through the peak (placed upside down in order to illuminate said tree.)

Tree Symbolism: This tree will represent a balance of life and death by having one side with leaves/flowers in bloom and the other with bare branches. The center of the tree will be illuminated in order to represent the existence between death and rebirth. The "Tree of Life" also has hexagonal properties.

Pyramid Symbolism: The literal white pyramid represents the The Great White Pyramid created by the Nakkal Brotherhood. The purpose of the pyramid is both to mark the exact location of the Earth's Kundalini energy and to focus that energy for the benefit of mankind. Reaching Kundalini is an essential component in experiencing the state between death and rebirth.

The energy emitted from the pyramid created an area of energy stretching for vast distances, and the people who lived within this area would change more than others, but with training, the changes were inevitable. This influence on the people resulted in great spiritual teachers whose enlightenment reached to the rest of the world. Tibet, parts of China, India, and Nepal became the new center for the Light of the World (although at the time of the construction of this pyramid, none of these countries were born yet).
Almost 6,000 years went by after Atlantis sank into the ocean before the human race began to remember who it really was and civilization once more began to flourish. During all of these thousands of years the Nakkals emained with the Great White Pyramid to protect it and to thrive with its enlightening energy. Eventually, the Nakkals actually seeded the Tibetan race, extending themselves into modern times.

Slowly the influence of the Serpent of Light began to give birth to great souls such as Lao Tzu, who wrote the Tao Te Ching - the Way of Life - one of the greatest works ever created. And, of course, the I-Ching, probably the most amazing book ever written, came from this region. The Buddha lived within this area of influence, creating Buddhism, a world religion that, more than any other religion has a deeper understanding of the human energy fields and consciousness dimensions beyond normal awareness than any other religion. Tibetan Buddhism is the only religion left that remembers the Mer-Ka-Ba, the human light body and, even more importantly, what it means and how to create and use it. (The Mer-Ka-Ba is the human energy field that extends out beyond the body about twenty-seven to thirty feet spherically in all directions.) Many great men and women emerged from this area simply because the White Serpent was coiled inside the Earth under this Great White Pyramid.

INTERACTIVITY:  As mentioned above, patrons will be prompted to respond a question/thought from the panel, six Bardo stages, of their choice, then hang said note on either the death or rebirth side of the tree. Questions TBD. Patrons also have the opportunity to sit within hexagon. Budget permitting, rugs and pillows can be scattered throughout the space for people to relax.

LIGHTING: Uplights within each of the six panels and a singular uplight from the peak of pyramid. 

AUDIO: Downtempo, Psychedelic Bass, and Ambient music will be played throughout the entire space

  • Option 1: I will personally dj throughout the night to ensure people remain in the space and engaged by the content and experience

  • Option 2: curated set will be streaming


  • Fog throughout the entire room

  • Astroturf within the inner part of the hexagon

  • Floral and crystals surrounding the tree



Load-in: 1 hour
Build: 6 hours
Strike: 1.5 hours


10ft x 10ft x 12ft

PLACEMENT: Gallery 2 (same space as last year)

POWER: existing outlets in gallery are suffice