We are the SOURCE; the living entities rooted within this evolutionary mass known to man. We are beings encompassed by our vibrational strength. Manipulators of our organic destiny, of our creations.

SONIC SOURCE is an illuminating space where we exist within the core to reflect, connect and execute our vibrations into sonic emissions that will pierce our cast, stream through our roots, and transcend beyond our core.

Let the ancient, universal language culminating of wavelengths, evoke a multitude of vibrations that will connect us with our natural origins, genuine self, the soul creators....the SOURCE of all that is.



STRUCTURAL: The entire installation will be of and within a pyramid, a symbolism of strength. As one channels within their rooted sense of self, you become aware of your strengths and the power that is in being genuine with yourself and with others. Pyramids can be used for charging, attracting, meditation, and healing. 

That said, I invite 1-3 patrons to enter this sacred, conscious space built on a 7ft x 7ft x .25ft (size may vary) wooden base with LED strips illuminating within PVC pipes that outline that sides of pyramid. The entire pyramid will be covered with iridescent vinyl with a doorway slit in order to contain the space and protect from weather conditions; vinyl is removable upon desire. 


INTERACTIVITY: As you approach the center of the SONIC SOURCE installation, patrons will have the opportunity to enter the installation to interact with a quadrant of 4 launchpads found at the core in order to create sonic outputs, while engulfing yourself with headphones emitting such sonic creations, encompassed by your vibrational release in a connected, healing, inspiring experience.

LIGHTING: As mentioned above, the sides of this strongly represented structure will be outlined with remote controllable LED strips set to white, symbolizing one's heightened self and connection to the source, and will shift throughout the weekend, evoking the natural illumination within us all visually. 

Additionally, up/spot lights will be focused on the pyramid in order to reflect the colors off of the iridescent vinyl cover.

SOUND: Rooted within the source are earthly waves vibrating through our cast and shared and created by us and ancient civilizations to enjoy, admire, decipher, and transcend. These vibrations are at one's frontier within the SONIC SOURCE in order to promote and inspire oneself to connect and manipulate vibrations into the creations we envision in our present moment. 

And as information reins freely, South America has been producing some of the most organic and original music enriched with ancient sounds and merged with the ever evolving sound of our generation, birthing new genres that stimulate the soul and connect us with this rooted mass, to each other, to ourselves, to the source. 

That said, I bring you a proposed collaboration with ZZK Records, a traditionally progressive collective of artists that transcend borders and one's cast beyond vibrations one ordinarily encounters. Evoked to connect and release, patrons will be driven to act upon their intentions by releasing them through sonic emissions via 4 Roli blocks. Each launchpad has been programmed with samples derived from artists from ZZK Records. Musical styles include Afro Electronica, Andean Electronica, Digital Cumbia, Shamanic House, Trip-hop & Minimal Techno.

ROLI - Below is the Roli Lightpad Block M intended to be used.


ZZK RECORDS - Below are the artists that will have their samples programmed onto the Roli blocks.  



"Nicola Cruz's music invokes the landscapes and rituals of his homeland, Ecuador, a country that is home both to the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle. His music is an exploration of ancient mythologies and folkloric traditions in a modern setting. "

dat garcia.jpg


"In 2013, Dat Garcia channeled her love for Argentine folklore and immersed herself in digital music, opening up a world of tools for expressing her inner sounds, with the help Chancha Via Circuito. There, Dat started to flirt with the idea that styles ranging from chacarera to trip hop, sounds of synths, charango and flutes, could all be mixed together. Her powerful music is composed with lyrics that invite the listener into her world and a groove in which the timeless Latino folklore gene persists."



"El Viejo Hombre de los Andes, EVHA (The Old Man of the Andes), is a band formed by four creators who put heart and soul in-to everything they do: combining ritual dance rhythms, faraway plateau choirs and sacred songs with bold contemporary beats.



"Mitú is the electronic music duo of Julian Salazar and Franklin Tejedor. Salazar builds dynamic and dance-inducing layers of sound on synthesizers and drum machines which Tejedor matches with the alegre drum and occasional vocal improvisations in Palenquero, to create pulsing slabs of shimmering electronica driven by insistent roots rhythms.

El Remolon.jpg


" El Remolon's strength is in his own evolution as a producer, code-switching minimal techno into the dialect of minimal cumbia. The artist borrows off-center audio from exotic sources, streaming innovation and rebirth through his first full-length, Pibe Cosmo."

El Buho.jpg


"El Búho and Barrio Lindo share and enthrallment with enthralled in the emerging digital cumbia and folklore scene in Buenos Aires and other diverse traditions of Latin American music."



"Kingman, 24, is a singer-songwriter of Ecuadorian Amazonian music that fuses traditional Latin American sounds with hip-hop, rock, and pop. Respira, his debut album, is an energy overload that sings of biodiversity, sketching natural landscapes of magic and water colors. It is infused with sounds guiding the listener from the jungle and to high mountains, between the tangle of trees and the meandering sound of the wind on the moors."



"Pioneers in mixing Latin American folklore with sound experimentation, the band have been going strong for over a decade, and they’re back with the release of the “Ave Reina Mora” EP: delicate, introspective and psychedelic."



NATURAL EARTH ELEMENTS: In order to connect with our roots, the SONIC SOURCE installation will showcase elements from source of this earth, such as the following crystals & plants:










CONSIDERATIONS: Given that this is a conscious, illuminating, and sonically inspired space empowering patrons to connect with one's genuine self and in turn the rooted source that strengthens and liberates our mind, body, and soul to create, I would love to consider holding scheduled programs, such as:


SONIDOS is willing and able to coordinate, schedule, and produce programs, such as Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Shamanic Drumming, and Aura Reading, with already established relationships with local Chicago healers. 


SONIDOS also designs stages and produces live music performances, among other events that incorporate alternative forms of artistic and conscious expression. The soul intention behind SONIC SOURCE is to utilize this space for all forms of connectivity and inspiration. Ideally, this installation will transform into a stage curated and produced by SONIDOS in collaboration with ZZK Records where we would schedule performances with select artists mentioned above and myself.

This will be a space where sonic admirers can experience music in a literal organic setting, connecting with the source that is the natural self, the universal language that is sound. I plan on providing this intimate space where you can absorb in the vibrations in different manners, such as the option to seep into the comfort of cozy couches surrounding the installation/stage, sit however you please on rugs, or get wavy by standing. This is also an opportunity for artists to transmit these vibrations to receivers in a more intimate setting in order to connect with them genuinely as opposed to larger stages where the connection may not feel as personal. 

Dependent on scope and budget, audio equipment can possibly be provided through SONIDOS' sponsor, Sound Investment and run by an appointed tech. Visuals projected on mesh-like material is also an option to explore.

Below is a curated playlist of the artists from ZZK Records & myself, SONIDOS:

Watch sets from select ZZK Record artists:





Total Space: 10ft x 10ft x 10ft (size may vary dependent if used as a stage)


POWER: Needed; wattage TBD


AUDIO/POWER/LIGHTING: Sound Investment, a national full-service event production team committed to high-end A/V design and installation. We are also an exclusive Funktion-One Distributor.

AUDIO: Awaiting confirmation from Roli, a design-led technology start-up based in Dalston, London. Founded in 2009 by Roland Lamb, they make hardware and software products and services designed to increase the bandwidth of interaction between people and technology.

CRYSTALS: On The Rocks, an urban oasis for nature lovers. They offer a wide range of minerals, handmade jewelry, books, fossils, home decor, artwork and one-of-a-kind gifts.