We are the core; the living entities inhabiting this mass known to man. We are beings encompassed by our pulse. Manipulators of our destiny, of our creations.

The SONIC PULSE is a space where we exist within the core to execute our physical actions into sonic emissions that will have illuminating consequences.

Let the universal language culminating of wavelengths evoke a multitude of emotions that define our humanity.


The Voyager Golden Records are two phonograph records that were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. The records contain sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth, and are intended for any intelligent extraterrestrial life form, or for future humans, who may find them. Those records are considered as a sort of a time capsule.

Found on the Voyager Golden Record was a map of Earth's location in the core of our galaxy known as the Pulsar Map. This map depicts the relative orientations, distances, and pulse timing frequencies of 14 different pulsars. The 15th line indicates the Sun's relative distance to the core of the galaxy.

LIGHTING: The focal, visual component depicts the Pulsar Map in an illuminated manner with pixel bars.

SOUND: Our worldly sounds were etched and shared with other civilizations to enjoy, admire, decipher, and to be a representation of the one consistent expression known to man.

As the literal center focus within the installation, guests will represent the human nature that is of the Earth, which is the core of said Pulsar map. These guests will then have the opportunity to interact with a drum pad that will emit progressive frequencies derived from our current era that will remain aligned with our natural origins.

STRUCTURES: In order to add an additional aesthetic component, there will be 14 pillars that will further represent the 14 pulsars. As show above, there are 15 lines in the diagram, with 14 representing the pulsars.

The pillars will be formatted in wavelength form representing the rapidly rotating neutron stars' frequencies (pulsars emit beacons of radio waves. The precise timing of the resultant radio pulses provide markers observable in radio wavelengths across broad stretches of the galaxy).

NATURAL EARTH ELEMENTS: The Voyager Golden Records also included images of leaves and trees, which will be physically represented below the Pulsar map light installation.


INTERACTIVITY: 1-2 individuals at a time will enter the "sandbox" that holds the SONIC PULSE installation. As you approach the center, you will have the opportunity to sit and interact with the drum pad that will control the Pulsar pixel bar installation. Each bassline, beat, melody, chord will trigger the pixel bars, which will execute varying designs. 

LIGHTING: The Pulsar pixel bar installation will be of warm hues. The 15th Pulsar (the longest line) will be static and remain as yellow as it represents the Sun's relative distance to the center of the galaxy.


OPTION 1: Each sound will be uniquely produced for this event; will focus on organic, spacey, melodic outputs. 

OPTION 2: The Earth sounds recorded on the Golden Records will be utilized and manipulated.

Below is the Roli Lightpad Block M intended to be used.


STRUCTURAL: As mentioned above, there will be a total of 14 pillars (7 on each side) that will represent the 14 pulsars. Each pillar will be constructed in varying heights with an iridescent finish that will be illuminated in order to give off a colored reflection in the sand.



NATURAL EARTH ELEMENTS: In order to add the natural, earthy element, the concept shown here will be directly below the Pulsar map pixel bars; pillars within the design below will not be included.



SONIC PULSAR budget.png


BUILD: 20 hrs



Lighting Design on Wall: 8ft x 9.5ft

Sandbox: 12ft x 10ft

Total Space: 12ft x 10ft x 10.5ft

PLACEMENT: suggestion shown below due to the cut into the floor that can potentially hold the sand within the "sandbox" instead of constructing an actual sandbox, however this will be more visually appealing in a space with high ceilings due to the proportions; it may look overwhelmingly large in the space shown below. 





AUDIO: Currently in communication with Roli; more details & confirmation to come. Check out their innovative & aesthetically pleasing instruments here