We are natural beings, the liquid of life, rooted within this reactive, evolutionary mass known to man. We are encompassed by our vibrational strength. Observers, reflectors, manipulators, and creators of our organic destiny; capable of experiencing and transforming the elements we encounter. 

We are beings which confront the emotionally clouded bursts of chaos and vulnerability that downpours toward a transitional, tranquil, embracing state with or to build the strength within.

SONIC CLOUDBURST is an illuminating space where one is encompassed by natural sonic vibrations that evoke and emit a connected, introspective, and healing experience.

You are invited to enter this conscious oasis with the intention to reflect and absorb the sonic, visual, and natural elements that influence our being. 

LIGHTING: Color is a powerful component of our everyday lives; it is composed of influential vibrational energy. The following hues were intentionally executed within the cloud installation hanging above the oasis, which illuminate the cloud in its entirety and the experiencer's inner being: 

WHITE: The combination of all the colors of light, white symbolizes the Divine in many cultures. The color can make you feel fresh and clean, and help clear the mind and soul. In our busy, over-stimulated world, white can offer a peaceful refuge. 

GREEN: “Nature’s color” symbolizes harmony, healing, regeneration, refreshment, and freshness, and is both calming and gently uplifting. 

BLUE: Evoking the sea and sky, blue is the color of peace, serenity, communication, and truth.

PURPLE: The color of spirituality, healing and deep calm.

SOUND:  The impact of the sound of rain is a tranquil experience that induces an entrancing, reflective state. In order to truthfully represent and provide this sonic experience, SONIDOS collaborated with Naturespace, an unparalleled, spatially accurate company that provides 3D, holographic recordings specifically created for headphones with an emphasis on the sounds of the natural world.

NATURAL EARTH ELEMENTS: Just as the tranquility evoked by our liquid dreams, natural earth elements within our rooted land play an impactful role in emitting and evoking thoughts, emotions, and physiological effects upon one's body. The crystals represented in the SONIC CLOUDBURST installation will work in tandem with the visual and sonic components in order to bring upon the reflective, embracing, and peaceful intention of this experience, along with incorporating luscious, foliage. 

SCENT:  Lavender is a calming, relaxing and balancing – physically and emotionally.

AMETHYST:  helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts. 

CLEAR CRYSTAL: help open up the mind, elevate negative perspectives to more a enlightened point of view, and expand consciousness to facilitating open communication.


Good music is not purely heard; it is an immersive, deep-rooted feeling. Whether it be the funky, beats-infused hip-hop tunes or a deep throbbing bass, music is a way to escape, express, inspire, and to fully intoxicate your mind, body, and soul with mindful sonic vibrations.

SONIDOS is a collective that mindfully inspires & exposes one's musical expression & progressive creative liberation.