There are some people that simply look beyond the surface, past your character, & smile profoundly at your soul 🦋

STYLE: r&b, future bass, grime, chill trap
INSPIRATION: Bryson Tiller's high-hat filled, enamored tracks

ARTWORK: Mother Nature captured on a gloomy Chicago, then distorted by yours truly
WORDSMITH: Andrea Garces
GEM: Emerald — Emerald is a classic stone of love and romance, and is reputed to bring both passion and domestic bliss with unconditional love. It is also said to be a stone that brings balance within relationships, as well as friendship. In the event of heartbreak, emerald is used to heal the heartbreak and put one back on the path to love

PrinceAl, Dream Koal, Stw, AKAY, Su Na, Ravyn Lena, UFF ÐR∆FT, ROSSOVER_LA, uminat, har, lo, att Martian, ro, ames Blak, hance the Rappe, yo, Key, N, ryson Tille, Sang, avier Omä, izness Bo, XN, .rob, anet Jackso, aytranad, y, TWEEZE, ark Ronso, Keyone Star, Pomo, ayne Snow