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#NEWSONICRELEASE | Under The Covers EP by David Marston & Brigitte Zozula


#NEWSONICRELEASE is just that, new sonic goodness comin' at you in wave form just to pierce your soul

#NEWSONICRELEASE | Under The Covers EP by David Marston & Brigitte Zozula

Andrea Garces

david marston - under the covers.jpg

[I'd] Do it all for you
[I'd] travel the world just to get to you
Been so long since I've tasted you
Don't need a reason
Don't care the season
I'm on standby
I want to water the flowers in your garden
Sunshine is shining
If you will let it be
I want your heart
I wanna hold your body
I wanna feel your soul
I will be there for sure
To love you and hold you
Don't keep me to yourself
Share it baby
Trust Me
Hold my hand
And let's go farther
I have found the one for me
You live with the stars
[You are forever shining]

RELEASE DATE: November 28, 2017