A multi-sensory, reflective space to acknowledge the inherent peace, love, & joy within. Each intention was represented within an interactive pyramid structure; within each structure, one experienced energy and senses focused on each intention

🔺✌🏽P E A C E
When you deeply accept the moment as it is, you are still, you are at peace.
〰 432Hz
⚡️Action: Observe, interact, & admire the natural stillness of the zen garden, which will evoke a peaceful mind state

🔺💙 L O V E
Eternal happiness starts from the genuine self-love within
〰 528Hz
⚡️Action: Write yourself a letter on the seeded paper, place in vile, remove letter from vile, place in soil, then watch your genuine, self-loving expressions bloom into a Daphne bush

🔺🌈 J O Y
Outwardly expressing what truly brings you joy is acknowledging your inner, genuine self
〰 360Hz
⚡️Action: Capture a photo of yourself, post by expressing what brings you joy within