/so-ni-dos/: meaning “sounds” in Spanish, is not purely heard; it is an immersive, deepLY-rooted feeling. Whether it be ethereal, beat-infused hip-hop or transcending frequencies; sound is a way to escape, express, inspire, & heal your mind, body, & soul with transmitted vibrations.

SONIDOS is A creative production agency & collective that creates stimulating experiences & content to EVOLVE & transcend ONE’S SENSES & ESSENCE.


WITH EXPERIENCE IN  CONCEPTING, DESIGN, FABRICATION, CREATIVE DIRECTION, PROMOTIONS, & LIVE PRODUCTION, SONIDOS connectS creative, innovative, & CONSCIOUS brands, artists, and individuals in order to thoughtfully inspire & expose their genuine intention & creative expression.

we are DRIVEN BY A PASSION FOR MUSIC DISCOVERY, intention, conscious living, & CREATIVE EXPRESSION THAT GOES BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF WHAT IS TYPICALLY EXPERIENCED IN ORDER TO evolve one another with the soul-touching ability of sound, art, and self-realization in order to REACH OUR rooted, most genuine SELF.