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/so-ni-dos/: meaning “sounds” in Spanish, is not purely heard; it is an immersive, deep-rooted feeling. Whether it be ethereal, beat-infused hip-hop or deep, low frequencies, sound is a way to escape, express, inspire, & fully intoxicate your mind, body, & soul with mindful sonic vibrations.

we mindfully inspire & expose one’s intention, artistic expression, & creative liberation.


SONIDOS is an agency & platform that provides innovative, mindful, & creative visuals & experiences FOR artists, brands, & CONSUMERS by translating intention into a memorable & visually stimulating moment & voice.

With expertise in strategy, MARKETING, PROMOTIONS, direction, design, fabrication, & production, sonIDOS approaches each project as an integral, EXPERIENTIAL moment for your FANS & audience by EXPOSING YOUR ARTISTRY & brand online, at live events, & festivals in aN innovative, mindful, & creative manner in order to instill an inspiring & transcending memory.

whether it be by designing & building an installation or stage for a festival/event, a set for a music video/photoshoot, premiere/feature artwork/music, or provide creative direction, sonidos is driven by a passion for music discovery, mindful thoughts, & creative expression that goes beyond the bounds of what is typically experienced.

sonidos remains rooted within the self & continuously inspired by the sound of music by working with artists & brands specifically focused on the parallel mission to expose other’s to the soul-touching sound of music & art that has been inspired by such creative expression.