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#HIDDENGEM | No Better Time Than Now album by Shigeto

Andrea Garces


Transmissions #25: From Detroit with Love

An improvised jam live from our Detroit studio, featuring Amp Fiddler, Waajeed, Shigeto, Monty Luke and Elliott Levin.

Catch the episode live at 5:00PM CST today, 5/22/18.

#HIDDENGEM | Love Is Only A Feeling by Joey Bada$$ (Prod. By Statik Selektah)

Andrea Garces

To vibe and be tuned
I’m so into you
Let’s lose track of the night
And stay up til it’s noon
Watch the sun rise
And watch the moon fall
Just imagine us combined
I wanna see you shine
Like the gem that you are
Want you be so secure
That they can see [you] from afar

WRITER | Joey Bada$$
PRODUCER | Statik Selektah

RELEASE DATE | July 7, 2017

#HIDDENGEM | Cooper's World by Shobaleader One

Andrea Garces

The masks are our way to express thought in a visual language and make it readable by others. By hiding our face we aim to reveal much more important things such as the interaction between music and light.

- Squarepusher

#HIDDENGEM | Tearing Me Up by Bob Moses

Andrea Garces


Let me tell you about a little situation
It's been testing my patience
Man, she was keeping me up all night
'Cause you only get so far reading faces
We were off to the races
And I thought to myself "hold tight"
You see there was just one complication
She was already taken
And what was so wrong felt so right

RELEASE DATE: September 18, 2015

ARTWORK: Studio Joe & Nicholas Pomeroy