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Krush Turtle Presents | Blue Moon Bog: Bogtrotter - Drrtywulvz - Hullabalo0_Shanti


Music ignites passion and inspires oneselves creative liberation. SONIC CREATIONS is a collection of artistry influenced by the soul touching sound of music.

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Krush Turtle Presents | Blue Moon Bog: Bogtrotter - Drrtywulvz - Hullabalo0_Shanti

  • Cairo Ale House - West Chicago 2009 Franciscan Way West Chicago, IL, 60185 United States (map)

BogTroTTeR(Minneapolis, MN)
Shanti Planti | | Re:Evolution

Through complex percussions and growling rhythms, BogTroTTeR’s diverse collage of original compositions challenges the scope of modern day psychedelic bass music. His sound pushes the limits through his own unique mixture of glitch-hop, breakbeats, and psy-bass with a dark, swampy twist. Murky bass lines and terrestrial synthesizers are just a few things contributing to the lustrous sound field amalgamated by BogTroTTeR.

BogTroTTeR has seven releases creating complex terrestrial soundscapes on legendary Shanti Planti, Merkaba, and Addictech Records.

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Street Ritual

Levi Witt, the auditory wizard behind the impressively crisp production, currently resides in Austin where he continues inspiring dancefloors everywhere. Others have certainly noticed, and large festivals such as Symbiosis, Enchanted Forest and Burning Man have brought DRRTYWULVZ to their stages as he has released several albums, including his most recent creation, “Ah Yes”.

The pleasantly alluring compositions of DRRTYWULVZ can be closely compared to the glitch and psydub of Tipper or Kalya Scintilla, yet his unique approach to euphoric dub styles is nothing short from extraordinary. Open your mind and prepare to howl at the moon, for the energetic melodies and innovative beat patterns of DRRTYWULVZ will blow you away.

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Hullabalo0 (Reno, NV)
Street Ritual

"I got into electronic music at the age of 14, compiling loops I found in Garage Band. Then was able to hook up my keyboard and start recording my own compositions and fell in love with the electronic music world. I then started to produce music with FLstudio making electronic instrumentals and drum & bass.

As my skills evolved I was able to start producing bedroom psytrance with big influences of Infected Mushroom and Astrix. When I moved to Argentina at 16 I continued my passion with my set of headphones for the next 2 years producing many tracks and even "albums" that I later organized. Always showing friends and family for feedback. The scene at the time was very big on Minimal-techno and slowly was able to appreciate it. There was a skatepark that I escaped to that converted into a very shanty club after the day. There I started to DJ and as well as produce (at home) more and more minimal techno with always my own spin for complex rhythms and textures.
I now reside in Reno after returning from 4 years in Argentina and graduating from a Music & Art highschool named Centro Polivalente de Arte. I continue my production with the dream of once getting discovered for my talents in Piano and Music Production."

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S h a n t i (शान्तिः) (FL, USA)
Street Ritual

" This space-bass artist has a psychedelic sound anchored by dubstep-inspired sub bass and elevated by a creative capitalization of digital production’s rapid advancements. In a postmodern culture, he’s one of many artists successfully kissing genre confines goodbye "
- The Dankles

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Rilathon "Ghouls"



DIRECT SUPPORT FROM: Turtleand Kompany, Hot Sauce Sessions, SwampWoofer Productions, Astral Harmonics, Cairo Ale House - West Chicago


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